Activated Carbon: HHLE Smoking Gun

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    I have never as as a wholesaler received a tang with HLLE, nor have I ever seen one at a wholesaler in my life. I have never shipped one out either, it's not something that happens in the short period they are held in the CoC. I have seen them in LFS where one must assume they had been there was a long time if they develope HLLE.
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    When I see those in stores I assume they are trade-ins from people giving up on the hobby, or at least dumping off their sick fish.
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    I must admit the store I worked at had tangs with HLLE. Some came from customers, some developed in our custody over time. I fed the crap out of them (ONF1 & 2 cubes, flake, brine, nori, etc, etc). Every so often one would get it. We did all the things people suggest, grounding the tanks, garlic, etc... all the anecdotal stuff yah know ;)

    While the study isn't the smoking gun, I am SUPER happy Jay did the article and people are giving HLLE attention (speaking about it, etc). I think what Jay did is a real starting point for future work and I hope some one who can run a much more expanded trial will pick up that ball and run with it.
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    There's more to reefs then corals to me :D

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