Corals B 4 Bills 225 Lee Mar Starfire Inwall tank

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    Awesome! Glad to hear this thing is coming back to life!

  2. Yea I'm trying to keep things moving at home and not think of my new tank sitting on the side of my house, hearing the Delbeek talk and reading the BAR site is killing me, after the floors are finished (By me again) I can start the building of the fish room.
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    Cool looking house man.. one of your room is all most bigger than my whole house :( ..
  4. So I am getting more of the plumbing cut and placed (Not glued yet) thank you Jason for the lo-cal on the PVC Manifold it will work perfectly i will just paint it grey, i also purchased a Flap Valve and starting to hard plumb the goodies. Soon I will buy some plywood and cement some 1/8" Melemine to it for the backing of the inside of the stand, then I will begin the electrical panel, anyways just poking my head in to keep from being forgotten. Once things cool down here at home with lifes issues i will dig my heals into my new reef and create something beautiful.

    Here are some new pictures that I took today after mounting the manifold (I still need to mount a ball valve on it) and the Flap Valve.

    BTW look at my plumbing and tell me if I need one of my two returns need to be draining into my fuge or is it alright to have them both drain into the skimmer area (I will put a baffle to enclose the skimmer) so everything stays in that area for better chance for dirty water to be consumed by the skimmer and have clean water flow over the top.

    Any and all advice is still appreciated,

    Thank you,

    Attached files /attachments/sites/default/files/5-12-09 1.jpg /attachments/sites/default/files/5-12-09 2.jpg /attachments/sites/default/files/5-12-09 3.jpg /attachments/sites/default/files/5-12-09 4.jpg /attachments/sites/default/files/5-12-09 5.jpg
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    is that a check valve in the last pic?
  6. Yes a Flap Valve.
  7. I made some additions to my plumbing, I added 4 small ball valves to the manifold to feed my Reactors, then installed a threaded fitting to be able to clean or replace the flap valves as nessessary, last but not least I put Unions on the return pipes to be able to remove the filter socks if I ever decided to install them.

    Attached files /attachments/sites/default/files/photo 5-15-09.jpg /attachments/sites/default/files/photo 5-15-09.jpg 2.jpg /attachments/sites/default/files/photo 5-15-09.jpg 3.jpg
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    If you haven't glued that check valve, don't until you add a true union in front and behind. They fail and if you glue it in, it'll be a pain to deal with. They also should be cleaned every so often as the biofilm that forms will not allow a full seal. Talking from experience here :(
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    They also work light years better if place in a vertical position.

    What are the four smaller stub outs for? If you plan on using them to feed equipment and want them all to be at equal pressures, putting a return loop on that will make all the difference. It's the least utilized trick by hobbyists. They way you have it now the the last in the chain will get the least amount of pressure and if any are adjusted in front of it it'll receive more flow making you adjust that valve as well. With the return loop they won't effect each other *as much*.

    BTW I love plumbing :D
  11. Thanks Gresh, yesturday I installed union valves on the flap valve (I thought of the same thing a little late), yes the mini ball valves are for equipment, should I run a separate pump in the sump for the equipment and not be apart of the central system? This is some very cool advice thank you, I've been waiting to glue everything together forever. The thing about the flap valve is that I have zero verticle space or that would be ideal.

    Thanks again, anything else you see?

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