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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Reef Keeper, Aug 24, 2009.

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    Holy smokes. You're quite dedicated to those water changes!
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    Now that I'm making NSW at home, I only change 25 gals once per month. Don't need to change much, since I been dosing 2 part these past couple of years. Display seems to do better with fewer water changes. My "Thanks" to Tuberider, as he was over a while back and suggested this schedule for me and the Kitters. Now saving time and money. That is another reason why I'm a supporting member, Great resource these boards are. Not to mention some of the nice corals I swap for too.
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    Getting ready for 1st Swap of 2015

    Here are some photos of the mother colonies too. Last Swap was a bust, for me, hoping I do better this time around.

    Have 10 pieces - 8 in the swap and 2 to trade with icon.

    Display as of 3/13/15
    Frags packaged for Swap
    Tuberider's Mycedium Chalice - Frag 15+ eyes - Second Genration in my display
    Tyree BLue Lamallosa - mother colony
    Screebo's Miami Hurricane - mother colony
    Jeremy's Mycedium Chalice (gorilla nipples)- mother colony
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    Here is a good link to Jeremy's (coral of all kinds) dipping instructions:
    An expanded dipping regimen your input helps!!! | Bay Area Reefers | BAR

    Here is the lead in:

    In light of the upcoming swap, I'd like to open some dialogue about techniques and tips to help you keep your tank free of pests. Bear in mind that trading corals is like engaging in unsafe sex practices, you're going to get cooties ;)
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    I did a light dipping, when I returned home, in Revive; and the corals were very clean. Thanks to those who took the time to frag some nice pieces for the Swap :0)

    Will post Frag Photos soon, but these photos from the net show the potential nicely...

    Here goes:

    Green Rhodactis - Shroom - Corallug sp? it was on SPS table for my last pick, not happy about that, but it is showy none the less. Within the order of Corallimorpharia.
    green rhodactis - Yahoo Search Results


    Capt America Zoas - RA2R sp? May look like this once it settles in. Right now kind of brown rim and red center is starting to show.

    Palythoas (Zoanthus Gigantus) - Captain America Paly ...

    Blue Stag Acro SPS- Bee505 sp? Very deep blue and pretty - Looks more like this Cali Blue Tort "Blue Tortusa."

    Cali Blue Tort

    Light Blue Tort - SPS - Neuro Was lucky to get one of the two pieces on the table, and drew the smaller of the two as the larger was claimed. Very light pale blue, and very nice contrast with the other blues in the display
    SPS Live Corals

    Tyree Red Cyphastrea - SPS -Dswong01 Not sure if this frag is just "Tyree Red" or "Blood Red" All the links come up "Blood Red." This stuff grows like mad in my tank, so it should be very showy for an all red Cyphastrea....
    Limited Editions Blood Red Eyes Cyphastrea

    Purple Stylophora Acro - SPS - Member didn't list their Name - Very pretty and very nicely mounted. Very healthy and showy - Nice of the Member to bring it in. Like to thank them whom ever it may be.

    Vivid Purple Stylophora | Vivid Aquariums | Buy Online

    That's it: I came with 8 pieces and went home with 6 nice pieces. One of the best things was getting to meet and know some of our Supporting Members, and some of the Board Members a bit better :0)

    I think this Swap was very well managed, and the Board Members really held an excellent event. Looking forward to our next meeting / get togethers and Swaps.

    Now, I have to transfer this post to my Journal Page.

    Happy Reefing,
    Joel - Reef Keeper.
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    New polyps on my Wish List: NEON CLOVES


    Got these from "Eight" but they faded out over the years. Now trying to create a new colony :0)
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    These were photos I found from a BAR's Tank Tour a few years ago: One day my display will look this nice


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    You'll want to check your water pressure before getting the second membrane. I only have a single membrane and my pressure was 45psi at the tap. Low pressure can cause slow production and lots of waste. A booster pump was an awesome purchase -- fast production and less waste.
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    I get 65 -70 psi, but I have another hook up that is >90psi that I can reduce. Thank you for the 411
  10. Reef Keeper

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    Hydnophora 03/17/15
    1st coral received from a BAR's Member - Mario :D
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    My booster pump brings me up to around 90psi so if you reduce to around 80 you should be good for almost anything.
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