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    Hi everyone,

    I have been meaning to add something about my tank for some time. Now that Christmas is over, I have a moment.

    My first tank I had gotten was a 12 gallon Nano cube. Absolutely loved it (at first), now I have it somewhat converted to a quarantine tank. I say somewhat because I have not taken the sand from the bottom yet and the feather dusters are still there. I was finding my Nano tank very limiting for me. I was having problems with nitrates, phosphates, algae and not able to put a sump on it to give it additional filtration or skimming. I was also doing 50% water changes weekly. So began the journey of my new tank.

    My first hurdle was to talk my husband into letting me get something BIGGER. What I bought was an Oceanic Ultimate 58 gallon display with internal overflow (I wanted something even bigger, but we are renting). Stand and hood are of a cherry wood color. The hood itself is a 15 inch with a door on the front and houses one 150w MH and two 65w PC. Plenty of room to get in and reach all areas of the tank. Overall the system is 66 inches tall. There is a sump located in the base which is a 20 gallon tank, filled to 14 gallons. The system is 72 gallons altogether.

    In my sump, I used acrylic cut to size for baffles. Silicone was used to keep in place. Originally I had designed the water in the sump to flow a certain way, but I actually had to reverse how I intended it to work because my return pump did not have enough room to sit. I wanted to create a refugium in there, but there is just not enough room! An AquaC 120 protein skimmer sits nicely in the center.

    I perform a 5 gallon (7%) water change weekly and use the water removed for my water change in my quarantine tank. I was testing the water daily, to every other day. Now I am only testing weekly.

    I have recently added an automatic top off system coming from a 5 gallon container into my sump. I absolutely love it! No more carrying water back and forth daily! I have also begun to use kalkwasser in the top off. My system does not have much of a demand for Calcium and Alkalinity at this time (no corals yet). But I do have some coralline algae beginning to grow on the back and the coralline that is on the rocks, so very little kalkwasser is being added to the ATO.

    I did get an RODI filter system 100 gallon per day. We also use the RO only water for drinking too. It was a good investment.
  2. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    Picture of my rockwork and a very clean tank. This is when it was first set up.
  3. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    A full shot of my tank.
  4. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    A recent picture of my sump and skimmer.
  5. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    The rock work from the side. I think I should move the rock back more. There is a lot of room in the back yet and when I start to add corals I won't have much room in the front. What do you think?
  6. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    Here's my auto top off container. I am hoping to have a matching stand made to hide this in the future. It does double as a viewing stool for smaller people! ;D
  7. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

    Very nice looking.
  8. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    Thanks Patchin.

    My next project will be to put some screen on the back of my hood. I have a 6.5 Inch gap and already had two fish commit suicide by jumping. :( A Green Chromis and Watermellon Wrass.
    I went to HD and bought some window screen and plan on cutting it to fit. Not really sure how I want to connect it. I could staple it, but I didn't want it permanently attached.
  9. drdoolittle

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    lookin nice.. the rocks works looks pretty good and i like the multi purpose view stool. :)
  10. alve

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    Very nice Bobbie! Is that an Oceanic stand and canopy?
  11. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    No its not. I bought the cabinets from my LFS. They have someone they work with for the cabinetry and canopy and stand were built at the time I ordered it. No Brand.
  12. CookieJar

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    Very nice! I would move some of the rocks back to give more space in the front of the tank- it'll look more spacious. Also you'll find you put frags in the sand as a temporary holding place. Consider making a tunnel/ tower if you're so inclined. In time, a year or so, it'll start to look like a 'wall of rock' as corals grow big.
  13. RavieReefer

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    Ok, so finally a day off. On Sunday, I attempted to re-arrange my rockwork. Not what I envisioned, but it is back farther. Here are the new pictures of the arrangement. I found something interesting on one of my rocks. I'm not for certain, but it looked like a sea cucumber. It was a bit nubby on its body, all black and about an inch long. Had some sort of appendage (a bit fluffy looking) sticking out the front until I disturbed it and it retracted. I was going to get a picture of it but I waited too long. It must have moved, because it is not there anymore.

    Also, I'm not sure how to insert an image other than an attachment. Can anyone tell me?
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    Today I created a little controlled dose container. I took a 20 ounce water bottle and added graduated markings to the side. Drilled a hole in the lid and put silicone around the spike after it was placed through the hole and let it set. I know silicone doesn't bond to plastic, but I am hoping it will hold it in place and seal potential leaks. I wonder if a hot glue gun would have been better. Anyway, I have the tubing extending down to my sump. I currently have magnesium in there now. It's only 120mL (1/2 cup) going in over 3 hours.

    I'm just adding the link to my math question so I have another way to find my formula if I ever lose it.

  15. zambavi

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    Open a photo/video account on a site like Flikr.com

    You can post your pics there and then insurt the url in your post that will make your pictures appear there.
  16. RavieReefer

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    I have been working on getting my Magnesium up. I use IO salt. My Mag levels were 1200ppm when starting up and I had a low of 1170. My goal is to get the Mag level up to around 1300. So far I have added around 480 mL of ESV B Ionic Magnesium and today’s reading is 1275. I have another 120 mL infusing via slow drip. I will probably have to add another 120 mL after that and that hopefully will be it except for maintaince amount.

    I will try to get my Calcium levels up after the Magnesium. My IO salt initially read 380-400ppm when starting up, now its down to 335-340 range. I will use the ESV Calcium Chloride to raise my level and then the limewater to maintain. My goal is 420ppm.

    My Alkalinity levels are fine at 3.43 mEq/L, so far holding with the 1/2 tsp Kalkwasser per 5 gallons RO/DI top off water.
  17. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    I'm curious to know what type of coals I can keep under my lighting. I would like a few pieces of SPS but I don't know if my lighting will support it. I have one 150w MH and two 65w actinics.
  18. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    Will I be able to support some SPS with one 150w MH and 2 65w Actinics, or is it not enough?
  19. Roc

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    [quote author=RavieReefer link=topic=5726.msg72681#msg72681 date=1231083059]
    Will I be able to support some SPS with one 150w MH and 2 65w Actinics, or is it not enough?

    That should be fine, I've seen ppl grow SPS under PC's only so I'm sure you could grow em. Why don't you get some "starter" SPS and see how they do......
  20. RavieReefer

    RavieReefer Guest

    Thats probably a good idea. My tank is still new yet, so I'm not trying to rush things.

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