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June 26, 2021 - Frag Swap Volunteer signup


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The one weekend I’ll be out of town… may need to give frags to someone the weekend before to bring for me.


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I will help with setup, registration (check-in), breakdown and clean up. I will also bring printed name tags. Just supply me with the names.


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New supporting member. Will bring frags to swap and want to help support club and frag swap. Let me know what jobs/roles are still needed.


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Thx please update will roles/tasks needed.
Going to see the actual area we're going to use in a couple hours (from this post) that should give me an idea of how much effort will be needed with each job and I can update roles, since a majority just said anything.


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Ok, so re-wrote the first post putting people's names in positions. People who were generic about "helping" I put people where I felt there was need. Some people have multiple jobs, but it's more of whether or not they'll be needed and so forth. Setup is going to be critical as there will be a small window between starting setting up and opening registration, of course this is partially going to hinge on what time Tim will be there to let us in! :) Clean up still needs volunteers, I didn't put anyone there so far because typically people who hang around help clean up, although having 2-3 to commit to being there makes my job easier, many hands and all that rot... :)


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These frag swaps do not run only on the back of the BOD, members who are generous with their time who often do most of the leg work at the event are really the ones who should be thanked for making them work. Frag swaps are no different we absolutely need people to help out, especially when we're on a time crunch, whether it's moving a tables, helping with registration, or telling people where to go. So this here is a signup list for those who can help, I do ask though to only volunteer if you absolutely know you can be at the event at a particular time. I'll pass out my phone number to volunteers too in case something comes up, traffic is a thing, real life happens, etc.

Setup - @Baykes @Bolicks @Blaise006 @PeetaJai Need to be at the event by 10am, this needs to happen relatively fast as setup to - registration is a very short window.
Registration -
@2manyhobbies @Bruce Spiegelman @PeetaJai Needed at the event at 10:15am, there is a raffle so someone will sell tickets throughout the event.
Coral Checkers
- @Vhuang168 @Bruce Spiegelman Needed at 10:15 until 11am
Coral Runners -
@Baykes @glee @Srt4eric Needed 10:15 until 11
Frag Patrol -
@glee @Vhuang168 Needed 11am until swap end.
Cleanup -
At least 2 people, the more the merrier though. After the swap, get towels to wipe any saltwater spills that may have happened off tables and floors, and move tables back to where they are supposed to be so the event host doesn't have too do much work after we used his facility. Needed from end of swap until things are cleaned up, it probably wouldn't take more than 30 minutes though.
No Problem. I will be there before 10am.
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@sfsuphysics, thanks for including me. Im not swapping so happy to help throughout the day except clean up duty. Kiddo has an event at 2pm that Im going to try to get to. See you all at the swap!