New to me Reefer 250


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In progress of starting to upgrade the frag tank a bit as well. Just swapped out the JBJ light for 2 prime HD’s.

I wanted to be able to match the light in my display better so I can move corals back and forth from tank to tank without having too many lighting issues.

Also picking up an apex jr for the frag tank.

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Tank is one year old!

I did find some nps corals for my dark spot but they don’t seems to be doing great. I am feeding them so we will see.

I am in the process of getting the clowns to host the BTA’s. I moved the Duncan close to the BTA’s hoping they would follow it and they did after a few days. I’ve even caught the female sleeping in the BTA’s

The plan is to remove the Duncan once they had laid eggs there for a month. When they lay a fresh batch next week I’ll move the Duncan and pray that they host the BTA’s and not my gold torch again.

I also swapped the sides of the protein skimmer and fuge. I am sick of having the clean chaeto out of the skimmer pump every 2 weeks. It seems to be much better now, and I eeked out some more room in the fuge.

I plan to throw 4 lbs of miracle mud in the fuge. Why? Well only because I’ve never tried it and I was to see if this stuff is snake oil for myself.

Here is the one year update video

And a video of my clowns laying eggs


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Oh. I also picked up 6 bartletts anthias from AC yesterday. Definitely some aggression already between themselves and from the 6 line.

I knew this could be trouble, but I’m hoping for the best.



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It’s been almost 4 months since I updated this...

I can’t keep macro algae alive so I removed the refugium and added a Clearwater CW50 scrubber. Also moved, removed and added a ton of corals!


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That’s a pretty cool time lapse. Did I see some automatic blinds lowering around sunrise in the reflection? Do you think the tank benefits from the lunar lighting? I always thought the “lunar lighting” from the ap700’s was too bright.

I had one asterina starfish in my tank and took it out and didn’t see anymore. It may not be the end of the world just yet.