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Yeah it’s a mix of lettuce and hair. That lettuce algae loves to try and grow in my tank. I’m just happy I have a yellow tang eating it all day.
I tried feeding some to my tangs and they took a few nibbles but didn’t seem to like it.


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Caught a reef tumor forming off my dosing tubes. Somehow they got crossed. Alk dropped all the way to 6.7 today before I caught it. Good thing I check alk twice a week. Could have killed everything.

Also, my phosphates are all over the place. 0 last week, .08 3 days ago, and 0 again today nothing’s changed

Edgar Sandoval

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had the same issue. My alk dropped to 6
To fix this issue my RODI water now hits both of my dosing tubes

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Maybe. I’m using the Hanna checker and do it the same way every time.

Maybe dirty text tubes? They look immaculate

That was also my last test on these reagents. I have a new box for the weekend.
Weak batteries can cause inconsistent readings on the Hanna.

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No room. I don’t even have room for my top off container as it is.

On a side note. I rep,aced the battery in my Hanna checker and it read.02. Perfect! Thanks Griz!

Alk is slowly bumping up. At 7.2 today


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Well. Power went out last night on the whole block...twice.

Both times my GFCI’s also tripped so the tank was without power for 3 hours. Temp got down to 76.8!

Do any of y’all use GFCI’s? Power was only out for a few min, but the GFCI’s tripping has me worried about being out of town during a short power outage.

Good thing for the apex heartbeat...warned me to what was up when I woke up.


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I don’t recall power outages tripping my GFCI’s (before I put in my backup system).

I’d be worried there was an associated line voltage issue to the house or in the house, or maybe you have too much load on the outlet so the simultaneous restart trips it? Or maybe the GFCI itself has an issue and needs to be replaced?

Anyway to answer your question, I absolutely have all of my outlets near or associated with my tank and accessories on GFCI’s.


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Yeah I’m just using plug in GFCI’s instead of the actual outlets.

I may need to pop the beaker a couple times today to see if it’s a line load issue or not.

It was definitely a weird power outage. My tv turned itself on as well really odd.


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Well. Sure enough these little guys pop the GCFI as soo as power is removed.


I guess I’ll have to put a real GFCI outlet in the wall.

Unfortunately I have to remove these until then. Can’t risk it.