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I would imagine there is Plenty to be made.

I'm a chef by profession and do catering think weddings parties etc. Tons of things always happening in our area. Yet getting clients and events is harder and more challenging work than the tasks of planning, cooking, designing displays, planning menu, making a day of timeline/ execution plan, lots of headaches and often time nights with out sleep to ensure things are perfect at the events. Despite all the hard work it brings me joy and fulfillment seeing sastified clients making all the effort worth it to me.

As mentioned earlier getting more clients and events booked is way harder than doing the actual events and for me is the real nightmare.

Tons of money out there in catering, just like what you are considering doing but it is tough and expect headaches and frustration like I think @Kensington Reefer said.

Also unspeakable joy when you get your first happy client.Those feelings run hand in hand and are often stressful.

I haven't had anything booked in a few months and it sucks. The waiting and hoping.

No marketing pitch at all here, but if you wanna check out some of the things I've done.

New profile picture looks great man!
Is there actually money to be made or is it just a side hustle?
I'll answer it this way. I have known a number of individuals and businesses that do it full time. I've never known a well-off one. I've known many who didn't make a living at it, and some that do well enough, but no one's getting wealthy. You better love what you're doing, and it's not easy work.