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  1. That would be great.

    See the washer pan in my pictures. <rolls eyes>
  2. tygunn

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    Okay, no problem I'll bring one along.

    Hah, yes I saw that. Same way that my wife was overjoyed with the idea of trying to build a tank that could be setup outside. Lol. :)
  3. Tank has been wet since 3/28/14.
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrites 0
    Nitrates 15 :mad:

    I do a 10% water change every week or every other (trying to be good about it, but I hate doing water changes). When it's every other week, I do a 20% water change.
    All that's in there is one bangaii cardinal, two hermits, some gsp, and a one head hammer frag. There might be a tiny nassarius snail, but I haven't seen him in awhile. I feed the bangaii 3 mysis shrimp a day, so I know I'm not overfeeding. The nitrates are going down, it just seems to be taking forever.
    The gsp has been brown, so I lowered the Kessil yesterday. It already seems to be greener.
    I'm really happy with the skimmer, but I'm not sure where it's getting all the skimmate. I guess it's still from the rocks. Like I said, I don't overfeed the bangaii.
  4. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    I have been pulling out about 1/2 skimmer cup every day or so with my new rock now. And it's just rock. Im sure all the tiny creatures poop too. :)

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  5. I wanted to try out the Ergo baby carrier with Chase in it while pregnant, to see how it's going to work on Saturday at the Kessil Factory tour. I could have walked around the block, but where's the fun in that? I tested it out at Reef Raft and Neptune. :) I picked up some snails and 2 ricordias at Reef Raft and a yuma at Neptune.
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  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. I turned the white up to get some truer to life pictures
    From Reef Raft:
    From Neptune:

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  8. Spoon

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    Beautiful additions!
  9. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    Very nice... How much did you pay for these at ReefRaft?
  10. Am I allowed to put prices I paid here? If so I will. Navdeep, I'll send you a PM.
  11. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    Never knew that, but makes sense...
  12. Devon

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    What's wrong with saying what you paid on the forum?
  13. I dunno. Some forums I've been to it's frowned upon, but if it's not here, awesome!

    Reef Raft:
    Blue/Green w/ a pink mouth Ricorida - $80
    Red/Purple Ricordia - $20
    I also had a $25 off $100 coupon from their grand opening.

    Huge Red/Purple Yuma - $39
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  14. Nav

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    $80!! I have to thank the reefer who gave me the orange ricordea at the BAR hobbyist event :)
  15. Devon

    Devon Guest

    Yes thank the local reefer for your orange rico. The tri color one she got is a bit more rare and sought after. More colors more money. Lol
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  16. Reefs2go is having a 50% off sale and I'm stuck on bed rest, so I bought myself some treats. [​IMG]
    They're still opening up, but I'll get pictures when they do.
    I purchased:
    Blue Ricordea
    Green Ricordea
    Purple and Green Ricordea
    Purple Glove Polyps
    Australian Lord Acan (green & red)
    Orange Fanta Acan
    2 Banded Tiger Trochus Snails
    1 Fighting Conch

    I'm a little frightened by the size of the conch. I'm worried how many frags he's going to knock over. Might be a good time to start gluing corals down. He's at the bottom center of the pic, in the sand. He's gotta be 3in.

    The Trochus snails have already gotten to work. This pic is horrible, but I can't get my phone to focus on him. He's actually very pretty, my glass is not.


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  17. Devon

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    Let's see some pictures of the new corals!
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  18. These are horrible pictures. The acans haven't opened yet, the Purple Glove Polyps don't look so good, and the "Blue Ricordea" isn't blue (hoping it will color up).

    Purple Clove Polyps


    Blue Ricordea & Green Ricordea

    Green and Purple Yuma

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  19. tygunn

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    When I had a conch it never seemed to bulldoze the frags. It hardly left the sand bed. I think once it was reaching up a bit.

    A large blue leg hermit on the other hand......

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  20. Spoon

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    I found my chalice on the sandbed the other morning, about 3" away from where it's supposed to be. At least it was right side that proves my electric blue leg isn't 100% evil. ;)
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