Please Help Us Track Down These THIEVES

Discussion in 'Neptune Aquatics' started by robert4025, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    sorry to hear that. Maybe you guys should add cameras to the lot...get license plates on video too. I hope they get caught. You should pass these pics to all the stores in the area. Hopefully they can get caught.
  2. kinetic

    kinetic Webmaster

    I hope they get caught! Those are actually REALLY good photos of them. best of luck. i'll keep an eye out.
  3. Cerissa

    Cerissa Sponsor

  4. badbread

    badbread Guest

    Wow Cerissa, unbelievable.
  5. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Guest

    That is unbelievable. That guy has some nerve.
  6. bigdeeezy

    bigdeeezy Guest

    wow thats crazy...they must have had plastic bags in their gigantic jeans to bust a move like that...this is just ridiculous
  7. tuberider

    tuberider Guest


    I agree with everyone else, all of the LFS in the bay should have that pic posted at the counter, so they can see it when they walk in.
  8. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

    That is terrible. No one will think poorly of you if you prosecute when they are caught. In fact, I think it would benefit all LFS if you do, IMHO.
  9. glee

    glee Guest

    i wish i could help, but ive never seen these guys before. will be on the look out though!
  10. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    That really #$%& me off but you have the pictures and Justice will be done; it happened to either OT or AC in San Francisco, thieves just reached inside the tank and took precious frags. Distribute pictures to all the LFS; they seem to know the hobby really well and bet are well known by some LFS owners.
  11. melly mel

    melly mel Supporting Member

    Sorry to hear Robert and Cerrisa. I also agree on sending the pics to all the LFS so they are aware of the 2. what a bunch of petty ass dumb S#%ts!!
  12. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    get the rope!!!!
  13. I just saw the video you posted and I will keep an eye out for them. I haven't seen them in our store but if i do I will let you know. Sorry that happen to you guys.
  14. Cerissa

    Cerissa Sponsor

    Believe it or not.....the guy brought the frags back just a few minutes ago! :bigsmile:
  15. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

  16. Elite

    Elite Guest

    So what did they say?? Oops I forgot to pay for these?? :bigsmile:
  17. Erick

    Erick Guest

    I guess seeing their pictures and video of the theft on the internet got them scared. Glad you got the corals back.
  18. A_Lee

    A_Lee Guest

    Wow, I just saw the this thread! Sorry to hear you had to go through all this Robert and Cerissa! Everything you got returned back to you is all in good order, yes? I'm curious to know what they said as well when they returned the frags!
  19. Good news! I guess once word got out they were screwed!
  20. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Yeah, sorry, I forgot I had them in my pocket, what a douche :rolleyes:

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