BARs Regional Frag Swap Official Rules and Info

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By Flagg37 on Aug 3, 2017 at 10:10 PM
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    I will be updating this post as information becomes available so check back often.

    We're excited to announce BAR's biggest event of the year, the annual Regional Frag Swap.

    This frag swap is open to everyone, in fact we will be encouraging people from throughout California to come swap frags.

    • Room Number: Room 722
      • Chabot College in Hayward, CA
      • Park in lot G (Which is the closest to Building 700)
      • Remember to bring $2 in change for parking
    • Schedule
      • 10:30am Shopping Starts / Vendors Ready
      • 11:00am - 12:00pm Register for the Frag Swap (Get your picking Letter)
      • 12:30pm Start Frag Swap

    [​IMG] Requirements
    • Bring at least 3 different coral frags in their own clear plastic containers with lids.
      • Must be labeled with your username AND coral name AND lights used. You cannot swap if it doesnt have this information.
      • We will be checking for unlabeled, mislabeled, sick, or dead coral.
    • Cost
      • Pre-registration is now closed
      • Registration is $20 at the door.
    • The following corals cannot be used in frag swapping.
      • [​IMG] (click to enlarge)
    [​IMG] Shopping
    • The following Vendors will be there selling premium corals and drygoods.
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Food / Drinks
    • Pizza and drinks will be sold at the event

    [​IMG] Bonus Rounds
    • The bonus rounds are optional and consist of the first picking round of the swap.
    • Once you're done with the bonus round, you continue the regular swap.
    • If you want to do the bonus rounds, you need to bring at least 3 bonus corals or 1 ultra coral from the bonus round list to receive 1 Bonus Round Ticket.
    • You can receive as many Bonus Round Tickets as you want. (Example: Bringing 9 bonus round frags gives you 3 bonus round tickets)
      • The Bonus Coral list can be found HERE.
      • Bonus Corals strains can be repeated only ONCE.
        • Example: 1) Oompa Loompa Zoa, 2) Oompa Loompa Zoa, 3) Gold Hammer = OKAY
      • Ultra Corals strains can be repeated only ONCE.
      • 3 Bonus Corals = 1 Bonus Round Ticket or 1 Ultra Coral = 1 Bonus Round Ticket
    • READ THIS THREAD on bonus rounds before asking questions about it here.
    [​IMG] Raffle Prizes
    • TBD

    Updated 9/09/2017

    If you want to donate something to this event, send me a private message.
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Flagg37, Aug 3, 2017.

    1. enaldy
      Got it.. doing it asap!

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    2. Ranjib Dey
      Ranjib Dey
      Yes. There are two different coral that are popular as birds nest, green pociliopora damicornis, and the pink tip seriatopora.
    3. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Almost. Seriatopora is "birdsnest". Several colors exist including green. Poccilopora damicornis is different.
      Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
    4. Vhuang168
      Seriatopora is in the Family Pocilloporidae. So same family as Pocillopora at least.
    5. Ranjib Dey
      Ranjib Dey
    6. Ranjib Dey
    7. Mark B
      Mark B
      The first image is the coral we got from you and the second is a green poccilopora that we have.

      gp.png poc.png
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    8. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Good example of seriatopora vs poccilopora mark. Thanks.
    9. Ranjib Dey
      Ranjib Dey
      @Mark B @Coral reefer I am under the assmption that the left one is pociliopora damicornis. I am rethinking now, and going through the article again, probably you are correct, this is S. caliendrum
    10. Mark B
      Mark B
      I like the one you gave us more. The green is much more vibrant.
    11. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      I see a top and a bottom. Neon green seriatopora (could be caliendrum) on top. Green poccilopora damiconis on bottom.
    12. enaldy
      One question.. my wife is not a member, but she will participate on the frag swap... how do I do her pre-registration and how to label her frags? Just a general question...

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    13. Flagg37
      I think he is looking at it on a desktop where as you're probably looking at it on your phone.
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    14. Flagg37
      Just do two PayPal transactions. If you want to be more specific you can put in the notes section the specific name of who it goes to. As far as labeling you can just use the same user name. It's mostly just so the recipient can contact you if they have questions.
    15. enaldy
      Got it.. thanks

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    16. Apon
      I just asked Kim P. if she could pass along the swap info to NVR. From looking around I don't really see alot of excitement or posting about the swap. I hope we get a good amount of people show up. Maybe bump some posts? :rolleyes:
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    17. Vhuang168
      We need more info on Raffle prizes. I'm offering up a frag of The Vinh but it doesn't look like it is drawing much attention. Maybe a frag of something else? I'll see if I can frag an eye off my other CB chalice.

      Maybe a frag of WD?
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    18. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      We AtLeast got the word out to a lot of people at the coral farmers market.
      Maybe @Corallus can post a couple of raffle items?
    19. Flagg37
      I just posted on r2r and rc with it. I'm not on Facebook but is someone able to post it on the bars fb page if it's not already?
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    20. enaldy
      I can also post on my Facebook and some pages I manage, and also other social media I have...

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