Mike and Ashley's 150g reef tank (our first)

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    Matt Wandell (California Academy of Sciences) swears by it (or used to), says it's strong enough to hold up to tank weighs because too due to the construction. The link I posted was just one particular type, there are different types of the mat.
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    I started with 2 furniture dollys rated at 1,200 lbs. each and built a beefy stand on top of them. I hid the wheels (8) a bit with the skirting. When I move the tank, I drain some water out and go slow so I don't create sloshing around with the remaining water. Been up almost a year with no issues and I have rolled it around about 6 times. At 1/2 full I am moving less than 500 pounds. Also, I am not on a slab. I have standard 1940s wood floors.
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    So I plumbed the water lines for the ATO, and an inlet line and outlet line for automatic water exchanges. I ran a 1" bulkhead, near where the DT will be located, through the wall to the outside of the house. From there I ran 1" PVC down the side of the house and through another wall into the garage. I have the reservoirs/mixing station in the garage of freshwater (65g) and saltwater (105g). I also ran a power line which goes from the Apex (under DT) to the Apex ATO pump which will live in the freshwater tank. One other thing I did is run a really long string through the the plumbing so I can more easily pull additional lines should I need them. I have unions right outside the exterior walls so I can deal with whatever may happen. Now I just need for automatic water exchanges is a dual head pump - been watching E-bay for a good deal on an Cole Parmer (or similar) with dual heads or a pump drive and a two matching heads with sufficient flow rate. With a single motor dual head pump, flow in and out will be matched, I'll just set it on a timer to run at night for a specified amount of time based on the flow rate.

    As far as running the 1" PVC outside the house with the water lines inside, it is pretty rare we get below freezing here and with the 1" tubing open to the house/garage at both ends, there may be just enough heat to keep any of the water lines from freezing. If they should freeze, I'll wrap the outside pipe in insulation or I could put a small fan blowing house air down the tube and into the garage on those nights.

    No leaks on the tank plumbing and it has been running for many days. The ATO is working as it should. So as soon as I commit to which lights (pretty much down to the Mitras or a Giesemann Aurora) and get and install the mounts (unless I hang it/them), the tank goes into the house. Ordering up some Dri-Dek as that seems like a good solution. Now, how to get the tank moved? Does the club or anyone have a bunch of those suction handles they would lend out? Anyone interested maybe July 23rd for a tank moving, beer, and pizza afternoon down in S. San Jose (Evergreen)? Thanks! FYI the tank weighs 350 lbs, the stand and sump is reasonably less. Two small steps up into the house and then one normal step down to the family room. Wide doors and hallways. Probably a total of 80 feet from the garage to the family room.

    Best regards,
    Wall line pass through.jpg
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  4. Flagg37

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    I have 4 suction cups I'd be willing to lend out. I don't know if I will be available to lift though.

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    Thanks for letting me know on the suction cups - that will be a great help. I can come up with people to move the tank if need be, just thought I would throw it out to the club as that would be more fun to do with interested people and chat about tanks than just some friends who may have no real interest in the end product.
  6. Vhuang168

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    I maybe able to help as well. I also have 2 suction cups.
  7. Coral reefer

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    It's a long haul for me from sf, but if there aren't enough volunteers I can probably make it happen
  8. Ibn

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    I have another 2 suction cups as well. Unsure if I'm gonna be around that weekend to help lift though.
  9. scuzy

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    You can do a stenner pump with two head cheaper than masterflex if it's just water change. They are rated for 24/7 use too I think.

    WCKDVPR Supporting Member

    Thanks. I just checked some threads about the Stenner. Seems pretty decent especially for $307 new. Curious how loud they are? I would expect the 170 GPD 25 PSI pump would be the way to go to minimize run time.
  11. RandyC

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    I was actually just looking at this today. I've never heard one in person, but the Stenner Classic pumps are not using brushless motors. So it might be loud?

    The Stenner S series are brushless motors that that also comes with finer digital control, but also double the price.
  12. scuzy

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    The good thing is a perialistic pump so you can run it in the garage. :)
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    Anyone interested maybe July 23rd for a tank moving, beer, and pizza afternoon down in S. San Jose (Evergreen)? Thanks! FYI the tank weighs 350 lbs, the stand and sump is reasonably less. Two small steps up into the house and then one normal step down to the family room. Wide doors and hallways. Probably a total of 80 feet from the garage to the family room.

    Best regards,
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    Hey Mike,
    just wondering if you have enough hands for the tank move? I might be on-call that weekend but i work in santa clara not to for to lend a hand. just need time ?

    WCKDVPR Supporting Member

    Hi CAliuDig - Thanks. I haven't started calling friends yet. So more hands wouldn't be a bad thing.

    For those of you with suction cups, please PM/conversation your contact info so I can come pick them up, thanks again!

    So I put the "which light would you rather look at hanging over the tank" question to the family and both my wife and daughter liked the 3 LED light arrangement vs a hybrid T5/LED fixture. So that decision is done (finally). Going to go with 3 Mitras LX7206. Now, who to order from and get the best possible price and service....................

    Having decided on the light fixtures, I designed a mounting arm arrangement using 8020 extrusions and am ordering that as well. This will give good stability and enable very easy height and lateral adjustments of the lights. It is also a low cost solution, which I seriously need one or two of. Also, running 3 of the Mitras Flex Arms wouldn't work well with the Synergy overflow in the middle of the tank and would cost almost double the 8020 - and I can get the 8020 in a black anodized finish (going with black lights).

    For expenses, I should be pretty much down to buying some carbon, GFO, a water test kit and/or some water test instruments - what do you all recommend in that regards? Not opposed to buying some of the $49 instruments (e.g. for phosphate, etc) if they are easier and more reliable than the test kits. And then there is actually stuff to put in the tank, but that is different - I am sure the family will be happy to spend money on critters to put in an empty tank.

    Agreed the water change pump can go in the garage and the Stenner looks like a good, low-cost option. I just want to make sure it isn't so loud that even if it is in the garage that it is annoying inside the house :)

    This weekend, in between starting to work on the aquascaping, I'm going to pull out the Apex and give that a go (fingers crossed as I am not a software guy).

    Best regards,
  15. Vhuang168

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    If you need help with the Apex let me know. I'm relatively close to you (Pierce Ranch).

    Pm me if you need the suction cups (1 pair). I should be available on the 23rs as well to help with the move.

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    WCKDVPR Supporting Member

    OK, tank moving is:
    Date: July 23rd
    Time: 3:00 pm
    Location: San Jose - Evergreen (10 minutes "east" of 101 and Blossom Hill/Silver Creek Valley Road) I'll edit this, but what is the best way to get people my address?

    I figure 6 people would be perfect (happy to host more and meet some new people), two each on the long sides and one each on the ends. Gives a decent amount of redundancy. I can get a few non-reefer friends if need be to fill out the numbers.

    Pizza and beer will be provided. I'll order pizza when people get here so we can get the right mix of toppings/crust (based on my guacamole experience......). For those of you coming, what kind of beer do you like? I also could dig up a bottle or two of wine if you would prefer that.


    (i ordered Dri-Dek for the under-tank floor covering)
  17. roostertech

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    For address, usually I just put address into the post and edit it out after event is over. Or you can PM confirmed/potential volunteer.

    WCKDVPR Supporting Member

    For those of you willing to borrow suction cups for my tank move, I'll be at Neptune's this Saturday for at least the start of the LFS tour (I need to paint the wall behind the tank this Saturday, so I don't know how many stores I can visit). If you are going to be there, could you please bring the suction cups along (and a return address :)). Thanks!
  19. scuzy

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    So how did the move go?
  20. Coral reefer

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    It's supposed to be Sunday I think

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